Hi Guys & Girls! I’m Miya.

I’ll describe myself with five words- Mama, Explorer, Frugal, Spontaneous, Nutcase. I am also the self proclaimed queen of traveling on a budget. Ok, admittedly, I’m not quite down with my family sleeping in a room with strangers or sharing bathrooms (think hostel), but if there’s a cheap way to do it. I’ll find it. I’m the jack of all trades behind this family travel blog. So, if you see something that’s not quite right here, its probably my husband’s fault.

Our family of five lives in McKinney Texas, a small town in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We’re a traveling bunch whose goals are to inspire other families to explore the world.

I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee and Ian (my better half) is from Manchester, England. We both moved to the Dallas area and met in a seafood restaurant. Did I mention that Ian hates seafood? However, that’s a story for another time. Although we didn’t love the same foods, we discovered that we did have something in common, a love for travel. We were blessed to be able travel all over the world before having kids. So, when we decided to start a family, we agreed that traveling was the only non-negotiable for us. Exploring the world was such an integral part of who we were and we were determined to continue after having children. So here we are: three kids and two fur babies later, planning our next trip and sharing our journey with you along the way.